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An endocrine disorder results from the improper function of the endocrine system, which includes the glands that secrete hormones, the receptors that respond to hormones and the organs that are directly impacted by hormones. At any one of these points, dysfunction can occur and cause wide-ranging effects on the body.

Thyroid Goitre is the most common endocrine disorder. It is characterised by an enlargement of the thyroid during normal production of hormones. There are two types of goitres. The diffuse goitre, which is an enlargement of the whole thyroid gland and increased production of thyroid hormones.

Hormone Disorders. Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted by glands and regulate many functions as part of the endocrine system in the body. Hormone disorders occur when a gland produces too much or too little of a hormone.

Hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the blood. Common symptoms include weight changes, lower sex drive, and acne, but depend on which hormone is out of balance. Hormones are chemicals produced by glands in the endocrine system.

Some of these stressful responses can lead to endocrine disorders like Graves’ disease, gonadal dysfunction, psychosexual dwarfism and obesity. Stress can also alter the clinical status of many preexisting endocrine disorders such as precipitation of adrenal crisis and thyroid storm.

Diabetes is a condition that causes high blood glucose levels due to the body being unable to either produce or use insulin sufficiently to regulate glucose. …
Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland produces too many hormones.

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